Costs of operation for facial palsy: we are often asked whether operations for facial paralysis are covered by health insurance or whether they are selfpay. As with all operations, in addition to improving symmetry and external appearance, we always consider the functional aspects (e.g. the ability to safely retain liquid food in the mouth or restore protection of the cornea by eyelid corrections). Such operations are usually at at least proportionally covered by German health insurance companies for German patients. If the aim of the operation is to restore the original functions of the face, it is most likely to be considered medically necessary. If surgical elements for rejuvenation or treatments of the unaffected side of the face are added on request, e.g. a deep plane facelift, these are usually borne by the patient as a self-pay service.

We often observe as a positive side effect of "aesthetic corrections" the increased performance of patients in everyday life and work, which results from improved self-confidence. Patients also less frequently require long-term psychological support and therapies. International patients can get a quote about operative costs on request.

Often it is small details that make a big difference for patients. As an additional procedure, this patient underwent a correction of the eyebrow height. The satisfaction with the success of this measure to correct symmetry is clearly visible. The positive effects of the operation reach far beyond  what is "visible to the eye". Even seemingly minor surgical procedures can restore a lot of self-confidence and dignity to the patient.