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Thomas Müller is an IT specialist, system administrator and professional web designer. He is responsible for the conception, the layout and all functional areas of this site. His technical expertise, his enthusiasm and his inimitable perseverance have made the creation of this website possible. Despite the collaboration on this website meaning many long hours, days and months of work for both T. Müller and the author, the fruitful cooperation also gave them a lot of pleasure and welded them together as a team, forging a special attachment.

Thomas Müller is a special team member. He is personally affected by chronic facial nerve palsy. As a child, he had to undergo severe tumor surgery, which could have been fatal due to the malignancy of the tumor.

But that would not have been the style of Mr. Thomas Müller. He is a very tough and focused person. Due to his innumerable previous operations, the prerequisites for improving his facial paralysis by plastic surgery and performing a "resuscitation with free functional muscle transplant" were clearly limited. Faced with the choice that the reconstruction was worth a try but that nothing could be promised due to the extremely difficult anatomical conditions, he did not hesitate for a second to have the operation performed despite the difficult conditions. His commitment and trust have more than paid off. Important functions were able to be restored and replaced. The author still remembers how deeply he was impressed by the patient's iron will to make decisions.

Neither did Mr. Müller hesitate when the author, during one of his consultation visits, suggested to him one day to create a website that would also help other affected individuals and provide them with basic information. Once the topic had been addressed, Mr. Müller did not allow himself to be deterred from repeatedly asking the author, who until then had been entrusted with many clinical, scientific and teaching tasks, to send him material and texts for a relevant website. Until it came to this point, a lot of water had to flow down a well-known large German river - Mr. Müller, however, was relentless. He had made it his business to make it easier for other sufferers to take a pro-active approach to their illness. The existence of this page is also the result of Mr. Müller's persistence. He has remained true to himself.

P.S.: The author would like to add that if you, dear reader, liked the conception, the structure and the layout of this page, you are welcome to ask Mr. Müller's web design company for a professional web design. You can get to his company's page via this link.