This spry 84-year-old lady suffered Bell’s palsy. Even several months after her onset, she presented no signs of improvement with regard to the complete, flaccid paralysis of the right eye and complained of a restriction of the visual field and conjunctivitis of the right eye. Furthermore, she could not retain any fluids in the oral cavity (oral incontinence), suffered from a minimally slurred speech, a nasal aeration disorder on the right, and asymmetry. For facial reconstruction, static corrections (eyebrow lifting, upper and lower lid lifting, face lifting) were combined with dynamic procedures (temporalis muscle transfer, transplantation of connective tissue from the thigh). After the operation, the symmetry of the eye, nose, and mouth complex improved considerably. Unimpaired vision is possible as well as free breathing through the right side of the nose. Liquid food can be controlled and the articulation is normalized by the tighter tissue. When biting open, the lady can move the right corner of her mouth to a light smile.