46-year-old patient with a spastic form of facial nerve palsy with clear synkinesis on the left side. When smiling, the mouth angle-lowering musculature on the left is so hyperactive that a smile on the side is literally suppressed (see the pit at the bottom of the left picture). When smiling, the orbicularis oculi (eye ring) muscle on the left side is unintentionally overactivated, which leads to a conspicuously small palpebral aperture. Finely dosed amounts of botulinum toxin were a good solution: the right picture shows a much more harmonious smile, the left corner of the mouth "points upwards". At the same time, the blepharospasm (involuntary cramping of the eye ring muscle) in the left eye has vanished: this results in a considerably improved overall symmetry of the face. This significantly improved the patient's social function.