In spite of static suspension plastic surgery with lifting of the originally depressed left corner of the mouth, this 87-year-old patient lost fluids from the oral cavity due to pronounced muscle weakness in chronic facial paralysis. The reason for this was a flaccid mouth ring muscle (orbicularis oris) and a new, larger denture, and an imperfect lip closure resulting from this. "Left picture: “Oral incontinence" is demonstrated. Right picture: The patient was able to achieve a "water-tight" lip closure by adding her own fat and significantly increasing the volume. As a positive side effect, the wrinkles in the upper and lower lip area have almost disappeared, resulting in a younger appearance. As an additional finding, a tumor at the tip of the nose was removed from the lady's nose.

Different volumes of the body's own fatty tissue can be transplanted into the face where there is a lack of tissue abundance using syringes of different sizes. The transplantation of very small amounts of fat is also possible. If autologous fat is introduced very finely and specifically, it is referred to as "micro fat grafting".