All patients shown on this page have given their written informed consent to the publication of image/video material. They would like to encourage other affected patients to tackle their paralysis pro-actively and are making a very valuable contribution in this respect. You can select the full-screen mode by clicking the icon in the video top left corner.

Symptoms of flaccid facial palsy

After being asked to smile or laugh, the already pronounced asymmetry of rest becomes even more pronounced: no movement is visible in the area of the right corner of the mouth.

The patient should close her eye here.

Reconstruction of facial paralysis with temporal transfer of eye and corner of mouth

A temporalis-muscle transfer has been used powering eye closure and corner-of-mouth lift function at the same time. When slightly clenching her teeth, now the patient can arbitrarily close here eye for lubrication of the cornea and and create a smile.


Reconstruction of facial paralysis with free muscle transfer

Reconstruction of facial paralysis with gold implant to the eyelid, static suspension procedure, and face lifting

Congenital paralysis left. Condition after free muscle flap

Reconstruction of the lid closure and the smile with motor replacement surgery

Asymmetry lower lip: After Botox and fat transfer, a symmetric smile appears

Brow/upper/lower lid lifting and temporalis transfer

Reconstruction of complete eye closure by platinum implant insertion to the upper eyelid

Hidden platinum weight Upper eyelid

After nerve transfer and double cross-face nerve transplantation in one operation (preliminary result)

Free gracilis muscle transplantation

Increasing improvement after nerve transfer V-to-VII

Smile after (delayed) nerve transfer. Lower lid tightening

Restoration of eye closure by nerve transplantation (CFNG)

Labbe surgery (temporalis transfer), eyebrow lifting, fat transfer, lip and lower eyelid correction

V-to-VII nerve transfer + 2x CFNG after acoustic neuroma (FN without continuity)

Nerve transfer combined with 2x CFNG

Reconstruction of eye closure with platinum weight and lower lid lift

Lower lid reconstruction and temporalis transfer

Bell Paresis, nerve transfer for improved control of the corner of the mouth/symmetrical smile

Nerve transplantation and transfer (1 OP)

Bell’s Palsy: improvement of the smile through targeted chemodenervation

Reconstruction with nerve grafting, nerve transfer, facelift, brow lift, lower eyelid reconstruction

Temporalis muscle and V-to-VII transfer, lower eyelid dystrophy

Facial palsy after acoustic neuroma without continuity of facial nerve: nerve transfer and nerve grafting

Muscle grafting and fascia lata

Nerve transplantation

Labbé Temporalis myoplasty and nerve transfer