This patient presented with chronic facial palsy which resulted from  a temporal bone fracture which occurred 25 years ago. All previous treatments had taught her that she had to come to terms with her paralysis, as there were no treatment options... She complained of a clear outward restriction of her visual field, regular conjunctivitis, massive oral incontinence, and blurred speech. Furthermore, she would inadvertently bite the mucous membrane of the flaccid cheek tissue repeatedly, during the chewing process food remained regularly in the "cheek pocket", which she would have to pull out with her finger. A three-stage reconstruction was performed, which included a Labbe operation (Temporalis transfer procedure) with new formation of a nasolabial fold, insertion of a platinum weight into the upper lid in a hidden position, correction of the lower lid ectropion, correction of the tarsorraphys of the outer eyelids performed elsewhere, and a brow lift. All symptoms were either corrected or significantly improved. For example, the patient reported that drinking was much easier for her because she could control the corner of her mouth much better. She now dared to do this again in company, as she no longer constantly soiled her outerwear. At the moment, a fat transfer is planned to get the lips even more "watertight".