This 22-year-old young patient suffered from a complete facial paralysis on the left side after tumor surgery (no continuity of the facial nerve). On the left picture a distinct flaccid orbicularis oculi muscle is visible, the palpebral fissure is distinctly wide despite the attempt to smile. The cheek shows no muscle tension (tonus), speech is slightly slurred. The corner of the mouth on the left hangs and no smile line (nasolabial fold) can be formed. After nerve transfer (V-to-VII) and transplantation of multiple nerve grafts (CFNG) in one operation, the symptoms are already improved a few months later (5-6 months): there is clearly more tone of the orbicularis oculi (eyelid fissure already narrower), the patient can again arbitrarily control the corner of the mouth to smile and the nasolabial fold is visible. His speech is clear again. Neurotization of the original mimic muscles by the nerve reconstruction will still progress and symmetry, facial expression and function will further improve.