For years, we have specialized in the therapy of acute (early) and chronic facial paralysis. Our team offers the entire internationally-proven spectrum, a holistic treatment of our patients including all recognized, non-surgical treatments and surgical reconstruction options for facial paralysis.

In the case of facial asymmetries within the framework of incomplete facial paralysis (partial paralysis of one half of the face), injection treatments (e.g. with botulinum toxin, "Botox" or autologous fat, called lipofilling or grafting) may be used and surgery may not be necessary at all. In some cases, a combination of conservative and surgical measures promises the best results for the patients.

Therapy for facial palsy, Bell's palsy and treatment for facial paralysis: physiotherapy, ergotherapy, and speech therapy are indispensable components of conservative therapies. These measures are also very important before and after surgery and will therefore be carried out to accompany the surgical procedure in order to achieve the best possible result.

This patient demonstrated a pronounced spasticity of the superficial neck muscles in the course of defect healing after Bell's paresis. The severe muscle spasms, especially in the neck, had a compromising effect on the ability to control the corner of the mouth: when trying to smile, an unintentional muscle pull results, which counteracts the lifting of the corner of the mouth. When smiling, a "negative vector" of the corner of the mouth appears. A differentiated injection treatment with botulinum toxin could help and provide for a significantly more relaxed smile.